Visiting Our Residential Treatment Units

Visiting hours are posted at each residential and halfway facility or you may call the numbers below. To ensure patient safety and confidentiality, we require that patientss sign a written consent authorizing the participation of family members and significant others. Visitation occurs in designated areas of our facilities and visitors are not allowed to enter client rooms. During visitation, patients are expected to remain in the facility or in the outdoor areas designated for patient use.

When visiting for the first time, family members and loved ones will receive a packet of information outlining the rules and requirements for visitations. These rules include the following:

  • Any item brought into the facility for a patient will be searched.
  • Any medications for the patient must be in original packaging or prescription bottle and turned over to staff.
  • Food for special occasions may be brought into our residential facilities but the food must be sealed from a bakery or grocery and there should be a sufficient amount to share with all patients.
  • Visitors creating a disruptive or unsafe environment may be asked to leave the facility and property.
  • Patients are not allowed to leave the facility and enter a vehicle.
  • Tobacco use is not allowed on any property owned by Prelude Behavioral Services, including parking areas and grounds.

Questions about visiting your loved one? Call us at 515-262-0349 (Central Iowa) or 319-351-4357 (Eastern Iowa).