Research shows that parents are the number one influence on their children’ decisions when it comes to making risky decisions like gambling, using alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Prelude provides a wide range of prevention services to educate parents about effective strategies they can use to prevent substance abuse and gambling problems from occurring in their families.  Programs include Strengthening Families Program, Families and Schools Together (FAST), Love and Logic, as well as one-time presentations given to parent groups upon request.

Prelude also provides support for youth who have a family member with a gambling problem by helping them identify and understand their parent’s gambling behaviors and reducing the risk for them developing a problem later in life.  The curriculum “Hey-What About Me?” is used in either individual or group sessions.

Prevention program are provided to civic and faith organizations, parent teacher organizations, childcare and after school centers, family resource centers, or any other interested parent group in the community.

Interested parties can contact our prevention manager at 319-351-4357 or email