For Students

Prelude’s staff is available to facilitate a variety of evidence-based prevention curriculum or one-time presentations in schools to students of all ages.  Programs for students are designed to increase participant’s knowledge about the risk of gambling and substance use and to teach skills needed to:

  • Make healthy decisions
  • Communicate effectively
  • Identify and achieve goals
  • Develop positive friendships
  • Resist pressures to gamble or use alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

Prelude’s prevention team is also available to provide technical assistance and support to student-led groups by helping to crate school-wide prevention and awareness campaigns and coordinating activities for Red Ribbon Week and Problem Gambling Awareness Week.

For Faculty and Staff

Presentations and consultations on topics related to youth gambling and the abuse of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are available for faculty, staff, and administration.  Examples of presentation topics include:

  • Signs and symptoms of student substance abuse and problem gambling
  • How to identify and refer students who need help
  • Data on trends in youth substance use and problem gambling
  • Development of effective policies to reduce risky behavior by students

Site-Based Counselors

Prelude has a substance use counselor at Tate High School in Iowa City.  On-site prevention specialists provide prevention education, support, consultation, and referral services to students, faculty, staff, and parents at the school they serve.