Prelude has twelve Transitional Housing apartments: ten with two bedrooms and two with three bedrooms. The purpose of the program is to support parents in recovery in making a successful transition from primary treatment to self-sufficient, independent, and responsible living as family members and members of the community.
While in transitional housing, residents are connected with other recovering families and resources in the community. The program includes counseling and case management services to address issues such as prenatal and family health care, mental health concerns, parenting, childcare, transportation, job seeking and job retention, budgeting, and financial management.

Residents of our Transitional Housing program are required to:

  • Be an Iowa resident
  • Participate in treatment services as recommended
  • Remain drug and alcohol-free
  • Pay rent or a portion of rent (based on income, as determined by Section 8 rental assistance)


Our Transitional Housing units are eligible under Section 8 rental assistance. If needed, we are happy to help with the application process. For details on the cost of services, please see Cost of Services.

How to Apply

To learn if our transitional housing program is a good fit for your continued recovery, email

What We Provide

All twelve apartments are furnished, if needed. We provide a “starter” package of household items, including linens, cookware, dishes, cleaning items, and baby supplies. These items are donated by local groups and individuals. If a family stays in the program for at least six months, the “starter” package is gifted to them to take to their next home. We feel it makes a significant difference for families to own and care for these items.