A New Beginning


Recovery Video Transcript:

There’s something magical when the sun first comes up in the morning. It’s a new beginning, with endless possibilities.
But back then, I already knew where my day was going.

Things that had meaning, meant nothing.
Bad choices became the norm.

And somewhere along the way —
I just stopped caring.

My life went from being filled with caring people …
To being filled with a need that was destroying everything.

I wasn’t really living, I was just existing.

Was I too proud to seek help? Sure.
Should I have done it sooner? Yes.
Did I think I could eventually find my own way out? Definitely.

But I stayed on that path until a change was unavoidable.

I needed to stop falling, I needed help.

I remember my Prelude counselor telling me during my final meeting, “Remember, we’re always here for you.”
That was one of the most comforting moments of my life.

Can I rewind the clock? No.
Can I work hard everyday to be the best person I can be? Yes, I can.

So to the person struggling with addiction…
The person trying to turn things around…
And — to all of you fresh start seekers…

Your new journey is waiting
A place of peace
Where the start to everyday is a new beginning.